How to Institute a Waste-Free Physician Culture

Hospital systems are notorious hotbeds of hoarding and waste. Studies have been published in recent years that showcased just how bad the problem is to the tune of $765 billion worth of supplies wasted every year. The truth is, these bad habits have simply become part of physician culture. Waste is not something that many…

Date Check Pro vs. Two Bin System

Date Check Pro for Healthcare is not the first system that hospitals have used in order to keep track of their inventory and prevent expiration in the supply room. However, many of those manual systems like the two bin system have caused issues with organization and consistency, and have even resulted in expired products being…

Hold Vendors Accountable with Expiration Date Management Software

How often do you enter a meeting with your supervisor, flustered, nervous, dreading to explain that you’re incurring an out-of-scope supply loss yet again due to the miscommunication and mishandling of your vendors? Healthcare vendors have a distinct advantage in the industry, often being the only resources for specific supplies and equipment that you need…

How to Reduce Hoarding Habits in Hospitals

“Have you tried checking Mitch’s cart?” If you’re looking for a missing supply in your hospital, you’ve probably heard this response. It’s common for supplies and equipment to leave the supply room and never return, even if they haven’t been used. Nurses and physicians gather and (whether they know it or not) hide the tools…

5 Ways to Reduce Hospital Supply Waste

Waste and sustainability are global topics, but the healthcare industry has only recently come under their magnifying glass. While food waste, household waste, and corporate waste are all major contributors to the issue, hospital systems need to be looking just as closely at their processes and procedures for reducing supply waste. According to research from…

What to Do with Expired Medical Supplies

Regulations and recommendations surrounding out-of-date or expired medical supplies are relatively vague compared to the rest of the medical industry’s guidelines. While it’s clear that expired medical supplies are dangerous to have on hand in case they are used on a patient, leading medical organizations don’t have clear procedures for repurposing or removing expired products…

Moving on From Manual Expiration Date Management in Hospitals

Anything can happen in a hospital. Each day is different, and yet unpredictable events occur on an almost predictable basis. Sure, you’ve seen to it that your staff are trained to handle any scenario, and that their focus on patient care is a priority, but what if the day-to-day operations of your hospital don’t allow them to follow through on exceptional patient care?

What if, because of out-of-date manual processes, they’re forced to spend a large portion of their time on expiration date management? Instead of having the time to go above and beyond with your patients, what if they’re beholden to drawn-out administrative duties like checking the supply room for expired products?

Hospitals Have a Supply Waste Problem | Date Check Pro

Hospitals Have a Supply Waste Problem

Hospitals are massive, complex organizations, relying on the cooperation and collaboration of multiple departments in order to run smoothly. Patient care is of the utmost importance, so, understandably, much of a hospital’s collective brainpower goes toward making sure that patients are being treated up to the level of the hospital’s highest standards.

However, this necessary focus on patient care results in other aspects of a hospital’s operations being put on the backburner. Tasks like inventory management aren’t prioritized, and issues like supply waste become all too common.

4 Areas in Your Hospital That May Be Hiding Expired Products

As a hospital supply chain manager, you have a lot on your plate. You are responsible for thousands of products and pieces of medical equipment and their movements throughout the hospital, you’re bogged down by admin tasks that take up hours of your day, and you’re tasked with dealing with the problem of expired inventory.

It’s a bigger problem than you may think. Though many hospitals already have a system in place for periodically checking inventory, 24% of hospital workers have seen or heard of an expired product being used on a patient according to Becker Hospital Review.

How to prevent expired waste: 3 parts of an expiration management system

This post is excerpted from our latest eBook, The Quick-Guide to Healthcare Expiration Date Management. While the first step in managing expired products is creating a way to pull and record expired or about-to-expire items so they are not inadvertently used on a patient, more is needed to minimize losses due to expiration in the…