Mitigate expired healthcare waste by creating a “return” program

This post is excerpted from our latest eBook, The Quick-Guide to Healthcare Expiration Date Management.

Training and education should demonstrate the benefits of tracking expired healthcare goods while giving staff an easy way to return expired items they discover.

Here are some key actions to take to mitigate expired items:

Encourage vendors to become partners in reducing loss from expired items. Negotiate which items can be returned for credit or exchanged and when they should be pulled based on how close they are to expiration.

Establish clear guidelines so staff can determine which items can be returned to vendors for credit or exchange.

Create a log for staff to record which items are pulled for vendor return. This log should include details about the item, the date it’s pulled, and the expiration date.

Measure the impact on your organization from return-to-vendor efforts. This way, you can give staff a tangible idea of the impact their actions have.

Looking for more ways to build an expiration date management program for your healthcare system? Download our free guide.

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