Reveal expired healthcare waste with training on measuring expired products

This post is excerpted from our latest eBook, The Quick-Guide to Healthcare Expiration Date Management.

Before you can improve your control over expired healthcare supplies, you first need a way to measure and track the extent of the problem within your organization. Of course, this is easier said than done if you don’t have such a system already in place. Many organizations struggling with the high cost of expired products can’t even quantify these losses, making it considerably harder to motivate staff to prevent them.

Typically, expired goods are simply discarded when they’re discovered by material handling or clinical staff. To an inventory manager, this can look like normal usage. What’s more, staff may not readily admit to letting a product go unused past its expiration date.

Both of these challenges can be addressed through a training program designed to align motivations and instill a sense of importance in these activities.


Expired Product Training Tips for Healthcare

Here are some some training tips to support your expired product measurement process:


Each time expired products are removed, make sure it’s put in writing.

Note the date, time, name of a witness and manner of removal. Follow your facility’s policy to remove these items. In case of doubt, make sure frontline staff contact their supervisors.


Ensure close-dated items are placed in the front of shelves so they are selected first when used.

Regular item rotation is a simple, yet critical step in expiration date management.


Quantify losses associated with not tracking expired goods.

This includes financial loss to the organization and how it contributes to the waste in the industry as a whole.


Demonstrate how the individual supply chain employee can have a positive or negative impact on loss.

This should illustrate the impact on both the organization and the entire industry.


Following these steps as part of a training program will help ensure staff will know what to do when they encounter expired goods. Measuring is the first step in mitigating waste.

To learn more about developing an expiration date management program, download our free guide.

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