Date Check Pro vs. Two Bin System

Date Check Pro for Healthcare is not the first system that hospitals have used in order to keep track of their inventory and prevent expiration in the supply room. However, many of those manual systems like the two bin system have caused issues with organization and consistency, and have even resulted in expired products being used on patients.

It’s clear that it’s time to find a proactive, intuitive, forward-thinking solution, yet many hospitals are still holding on to the manual processes that are causing them stress. 

One of those systems is the two bin system, which is a process in which the supply room contains two bins for every inventory item. The two bins are placed one behind the other, with the bin in front holding the most close dated inventory. As new inventory is brought in, it is placed in the back bin. When the front bin is empty, the back bin is pulled forward and the cycle continues.

It seems ingenious, and yet it isn’t without its faults. Today we’re examining how the two bin system stacks up against a technology-based solution, Date Check Pro for Healthcare.

Date Check Pro vs. Two Bin System for Healthcare Expiration Date Management

The two bin system has been a standby for hospitals because of its ease and intuitiveness. Hospital staff can understand the system quickly, and, for the large part it works to keep items that are expired out of the supply room.

The two bin system works for high volume, low cost items within a hospital. Items like gloves, syringes, swabs, etc. move out of the supply room quickly as they are used on a daily basis. This means that new inventory is arriving all the time to keep up with demand, and the two bin system is (hopefully) being implemented frequently.

However, when it comes to low volume, high ticket items (things like medical equipment that is only used in specific patient situations), this system simply does not live up to its purpose. If you aren’t using these items very often, then the bins aren’t being switched and nobody is being held accountable for a piece of medical equipment or a high dollar supply that is sitting on the shelf untouched for perhaps months at a time. This type of item could expire without you knowing in a two bin system, making it more likely that it will be used on a patient and could potentially cause them harm.

Date Check Pro removes that risk by creating a proactive alert system in regard to your supply room inventory. Not only does Date Check Pro work for those same high volume items that the two bin system promises to protect, it also lets you know that a high ticket item that may have been sitting on your shelf for awhile is about to expire before it happens.

Proactivity is the difference between having an up to date supply room where hospital staff can pull anything they need off the shelf knowing that it is viable for patient exposure and encountering a situation that could cause the patient harm. 

If you’re using a two bin system now, think about what items in your supply room may not have been checked for months. Then, give us a call. We’re happy to talk through how a program like Date Check Pro could make a world of difference for your hospital system.